Manage Your Workflow And Deliver World-Class Legal Services

Organize your files, grow your client database,

and upscale your career with BizDev, the all-in-one business platform for virtual legal freelancers.                                                            

Still Rifling Through Papers?

Endless paperwork, keeping track of long email threads, and preparing legal documents

from scratch can be frustrating and time-consuming. Multiply that by the number

of cases you must handle and it’s going to affect your performance sooner or


Be One Step Ahead

At BizDev you can find all the tools you need to organize your busy schedule, manage your appointments, communicate with clients efficiently, and focus on what matters most.

Go Digital

Store all your files in one secure place, make notes, process them and retrieve the information you need from any device.

Optimize Communication

Conduct your communication with clients and colleagues via email straight from the platform. Never miss an email or a message again.

Keep Track Of Time & Money

Keep a tight record of payments with Billing Management so that you are always aware of your cash flow.

Manage Your Contacts

Have all your contacts and all confidential information about your clients in one place and coordinate your actions efficiently.

Build Your Website

Choose from pre-designed, professional templates, make changes, and customize your website to attract more clients.

Track Your Progress

Keep a record of the results and get an instant overview of your growth for each month. Evaluate your revenue and change whatever isn’t working for you.

Why Choose BizDev?

Enhance Your Productivity

Deliver top-notch services with easy-to-use legal management solutions for each appointment type with software you can trust. Evolve as a professional, and run a modern business.

Project Management

Break down complex projects into steps and prioritize through boards and lists. Track and manage every case’s development and capture every piece of information with ease.

Maximize Productivity With High-Level Planning

Schedule meetings and organize proposals aligned to your day-to-day work with the best planning tools. Keep track of deadlines and responsibilities and build an agile business with a flawless workflow.

Protect Your Files

Receive, send, and store important files at great speed with no risk. Share confidential documents easily with security and visibility while maintaining full control of the files you are sharing.

Create A Modern Digital Work Environment And Make Every Working Hour Count

Social Media & Email Marketing

Connect your legal services to social media and integrate their power and influence into your business. Create email campaigns to be sent at a particular date and time and upgrade to our studio package to set up an Autoresponder for new audiences.

Automate, analyze, and dive deeper into your social media accounts.
Build email automations with ease.

Automate Data Collection

Use templates specifically made for freelance legal assistants, notaries, and paralegals to collect data from clients. Create your customized forms and questionnaires to kick off new projects. Convert leads into happy customers and save valuable time and energy.

Save time and create lasting client experiences.
Collect all the info you need for the project in one quick, easy form.

Use Analytics To Grow And Expand

Join our cutting-edge platform and leverage technology to meet your needs as you grow your business. Absorb, organize and analyze data to make informed decisions and create the optimum strategy to achieve your goals based on actual data.

Uncover insights through your different marketing channels.
Understand which features bring you the highest revenue, so that you can focus on marketing those features to your existing and potential customers.

Launching July 1, 2023

Simple Pricing

The All-In-One Business Platform For Virtual Legal Professionals. Set

your client base, manage your workflow, and boost your business with BizDev, the all-in-one business platform for virtual legal





Best option for small businesses, start ups and personal projects.

Branded Website
Project Management
Automated Scheduling
Invoicing and Payments
Online Forms
Blogging Platform

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Best option for companies who want to have everything.

Everything in the Starter Plan
Digital Marketing Suite
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
SMS Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Business Phone Number with Automated Receptionist


Starter Plan

Studio Plan

Project Management

Automated Calendaring

Project Proposals

Invoicing and Payments
(Coming Soon)

CRM with Lead Management

Online Forms

Branded Online Website

Blogging Platform

(Coming Soon)

Email with Templates


Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

SMS Marketing

Dedicated Business Phone Line

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Live Chat
(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)

Encrypted File Transmission

(Coming Soon)

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