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Every transformative platform is powered by a team of dedicated professionals, and LawWurk is no exception. Our team is a collective of legal experts, tech enthusiasts, and visionaries who share a common goal: making legal processes more accessible and comprehensible for everyone. From our founder's firsthand experience in the legal industry to our tech team's commitment to seamless user experiences, we bring a blend of expertise and passion to the table. Dive in to learn more about the individuals driving change in the legal tech landscape and shaping the future of LawWurk.


At LawWurk, our mission is to bridge the access-to-justice gap by connecting individuals with dedicated non-lawyer legal professionals. We aim to make legal processes more approachable, understandable, and affordable, ensuring everyone has the resources they need to navigate their legal challenges.


We envision a world where every individual, regardless of their financial status, has the support and resources to understand and address their legal needs. Through technological innovation and a commitment to excellence, LawWurk aspires to be the foremost platform for alternative legal assistance, setting the standard for reliability, accessibility, and empowerment in the legal tech space.

Empowering every individual with accessible legal resources, LawWurk is where justice meets innovation, ensuring the law works for everyone.

Meet Our Team

Stacey M. Lake, Founder

Stacey M. Lake is not just another name in the legal tech arena; she's a trailblazer with a deep-rooted passion for innovation and efficiency. As a serial entrepreneur, Stacey has successfully launched four legal-centric ventures, including the renowned platforms, Lawfecta and LawWurk.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in the legal industry, Stacey intimately understands the intricacies and challenges attorneys face. This knowledge, paired with her drive to revolutionize the industry, led her to establish Lawfecta in 2017. Departing from the traditional law firm paradigm, Stacey's vision was clear: offer remote paralegal, legal secretary, and assistant support services that align with the growing demand for flexible, on-demand, and cost-effective solutions.

Lawfecta, under Stacey's leadership, is not just a company but a movement, leveraging world-class technology to reshape the way law firms operate. It bridges the staffing gap, providing expertise without the overheads of in-house staffing, and redefining the very dynamics of legal support.

However, Stacey's mission to revolutionize the industry didn't end with Lawfecta. Recognizing the potential of technology in the legal world, she spearheaded the creation of LawWurk. This platform is a testament to Stacey's commitment to making advanced legal resources accessible to attorneys, law firms, and small businesses alike.

Beyond her professional achievements, Stacey is an avid adventurer at heart. Whether it's exploring the great outdoors through camping and hiking, indulging in a carefully crafted beer, or experimenting with delectable recipes, she cherishes every moment outside her entrepreneurial endeavors. Join Stacey in her journey, and witness a legal tech visionary in action.

What we do at LawWurk

Empowering Californians in Their Legal Journeys

Online Directory

Connect with Legal Document Assistants

Seeking expert assistance for your legal paperwork? Our online directory guides you directly to qualified Legal Document Assistants in California. Navigate your legal challenges with confidence, knowing you're supported by professionals who understand the complexities of California law.

Legal Resources

Access Comprehensive Legal Resources

With LawWurk, you're never alone in your legal journey. Dive into our rich resource pool, from informative articles to step-by-step guides, designed to provide clarity on California legal processes. Equip yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions.

Legal Coaching

Empowerment for Pro Se Litigants

You've decided to represent yourself, and we applaud your courage! Let LawWurk be your guiding companion. Our legal coaching services are tailored to empower pro se litigants like you. With tailored advice and actionable strategies, stride into the courtroom with confidence.


Justice is a click away with LawWurk.

By providing resources and support, LDAs empower pro se litigants, helping them feel more confident in representing themselves.

We believe in fairness, justice, and equality for all

Justice is a click away with LawWurk

We understand that navigating the legal system can be daunting, especially when the costs of hiring an attorney are out of reach. That's why we're here to offer a helping hand, providing accessible and affordable solutions for those in need.